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10 Day Detox

Burn Fat, Improve your Gut Health, and Feel Great Again

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People who have completed our program have reported:

  • "It was easy to stick to even with a busy schedule"

  • "The meals are awesome"

  • "I slept better"

  • "I felt less stressed out all of the time"

  • "My skin problems cleared up that I've used creams on for years"

  • "I have so much more energy"

What about Exercise?

If you are on a structured exercise program, continue doing that.

We recommend that you do a minimum of 30 minutes per day over the course of 10 days. Even if that means walking 30 minutes on your lunch break.

Otherwise we are offering a 1-week free membership at our gym, located in Hopkins, where you will have a program waiting for you when you walk in to train.

How will I know if it really works?

The principles of this program get replicated on 15,000 people every 6 months at the Cleveland Functional Medicine Institute and get fantastic results and learn life long things about how their body works. 

After the first round through this program, people reported having: 

53% more energy 

34% better sleep

27% had improved blood work

20% improved their blood pressure

11% reduced their medications 

31% had a better mood

lost 8-25lbs.

dropped 18 points on their fasting blood sugar

dropped 10 points on their blood pressure

How much does this program cost?

This program usually costs $130 to do at the Cleveland Clinic, and involves a 6 month waiting list and checking into the clinic. 

I studied the principles and has read all of the other books written by the doctor who designed the 10-day detox program to develop a method you can use at home.

This program is so beneficial to long-term health that we're offering it at only $75 

I hope you'll join us and see the incredible results of just 10 days!

10 Day Detox Results

Data reflects the results from 2 Men & 5 Women