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Customized Nutrition Plan

An individualized plan to achieve better health

Customized Nutrition Plan


Nutritional Milestones that we work through with every client:

  • Learn to make snacks and meals that don't contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives, dyes, and sugar

  • Learn how to get sufficient fiber and water

  • Learn how to get enough protein to get results from your training program and improve body composition

  • Learn how to get on a routine eating schedule to have better digestion of food

  • Learn how much of every vitamin, mineral, and fish oil is needed for hormone balance and to aid in fat loss

  • Get vitamin D and testosterone to a healthy level

  • Get blood pressure to a healthy level

  • Get blood lipids to a healthy level

  • Get waist to hip ration to a healthy level

  • Get body fat % to a healthy and sustainable level

  • Become metabolically flexible

Let Life strength Fitness do the work for you!

Get a customized nutrition plan designed for you today!

  • A Monthly Nutrition Plans take all of the guess-work out of what to eat/drink

  • The plan comes with a monthly calendar with every meal and beverage laid out so it is easy to follow

  • The plan comes with a recommended supplement list for optimal health with links of where to purchase the best products

  • The plan comes with shopping lists and all of the recipes you need to succeed

  • Pre and Post circumference measurements and body fat percentage testing are included