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Ian's Story

Member Since: November 2016

Age: 47


DF Functional Award


Muscular Endurance

Push Ups: 50 (9% Improvement)

Sit Ups: 80 (57% Improvement)

Pull Ups: 13 (30% Improvement)

Squats: 119 (2% Improvement)

Strength Endurance

20RM Front Squat: 110 lbs (22% Improvement)

20RM Bench Press: 110 lbs (10% Improvement)


Back Squat: 200 lbs (17% Improvement)

1st parallel Back Squat (June 11, 2018)

Bench Press: 190 lbs (18% Improvement)

Front Squat: 130lb


Pro-Agility Time: 5.44sec (9% Improvement)


10 Yard Sprint Time: 2.08sec

Straining Power

Lower Body Straining Power: 1.50sec with 115 lb Back Squat (27% Improvement)

Upper Body Straining Power: 1.25sec with 150 lb Bench Press

Top End Speed

30 Yard Sprint: 4.89sec.

Repeat Speed

RSA: 6 rounds (Best 20 yard sprint 3.56sec.)

Alactic Capacity

6LBAC: 3 reps at 105lb Front Squat

6UBAC: 2.5 reps at 150lb Bench Press

Ian's Testimony

I highly recommend Andrew Heaton’s Defensive Fitness.  I’m a middle aged male that used to be resigned to a beer-belly future of declining physical potential.  Even regular work with other trainers failed to make significant progress.  With Andrew’s assistance, however, I am stronger, faster, and mentally healthier than I have been in years, and I am still making significant improvement.

Andrew gives each of us as much personal attention as we require.  He is clearly an expert in his field and customizes our routines to our individual requirements.  I enjoy working out under his direction, and am grateful for the community that he has built.

But don’t take just my word for it.  Within less than a year of working out with Andrew, friends, family, and acquaintances have commented on how much more fit I have become.