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Adri's Story

Member Since: September 2014

Age: 31

Performance Achievements

Muscular Endurance

Push Ups: 41 (2050% Improvement)

Sit Ups: 85 (66% Improvement)

Pull Ups: 8 (800% Improvement)

Squats: 139 (272% Improvement)

Strength Endurance

20RM Front Squat: 85lbs (70% Improvement)

20RM Bench Press: 60lbs (20% Improvement)


Back Squat: 165lbs (300% Improvement)

Bench Press: 130lbs (236% Improvement)

Front Squat: 145lbs (7% Improvement)


10 Yard Sprint Time: 1.96sec (12% Improvement)


Pro-Agility: 5.66sec (2% Improvement)

Reactive Power

Vertical Jump Height: 17.5" (16% Improvement)

Rebound Box Jump: 17"

Rebound Plate Push: 3"

Bench Press Throw: 60lbs (20% Improvement)

Repeat Power

20 Yard Repeat Sprints: 9 (28% Improvement)

Straining Power

Clean Pull: 185lbs (48% Improvement)

Alactic Capacity

6 Second Front Squat: 115lbs, 4.5 Reps (12% Improvement)

6 Second Bench Press 105lbs, 3 Reps

10 Second Back Squat 130lbs, 5.5 Reps (22% Improvement)

10 Second Bench Press 105lbs, 4 Reps (14% Improvement)

Top End Speed

30 Yard Sprint Time: 4.44sec (12% Improvement)

Lower Body Limb Speed

7 Yard Disengagement: 2.66sec (12% Improvement)

Upper Body Limb Speed

6 Sec Startle Response w/ Palm Heel Strikes: 48 Strikes (33% Improvement)

Aerobic Power

PeakVO2: 48.59 ml/kg/min (28% Improvement) 


Resting Heart Rate: 55

Aerobic Threshold: 157 HR

Anaerobic Threshold: 177 HR

Power Endurance

Power Endurance Bag Test: 27.29 sec (92% Improvement)

Adri's Testimony

Great program and awesome trainer! 

Everyone goes through the same core program at their own pace. This program was designed for MMA athletes, so every move is designed to maximize adaptations needed for defensive techniques. If you're in any sort of martial art or combative program, this program will definitely benefit you! I do jiujitsu and boxing outside of my DF workouts, and I can see the difference in my abilities! I've also seen a huge change in my body physically. I have much more muscle definition, less fat, and I am so much stronger!  

The classes have a limited number of spots available, so everyone gets enough attention from the trainer, Andrew. Andrew will push you to improve, and modify exercises for you so you can progress as your body adapts. I've asked Andrew to modify my program so I can hit specific goals, and he was more than willing! 

All of the members are encouraging and friendly. I attend a few different class times and workout with almost all of the members - everyone has a great attitude and is also there to get stronger, faster, and have a little fun. I've never felt uncomfortable working hard, learning new moves, and sweating here. This is a great group of people to workout with as you reach your goals.