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Stronger for Life

Detox Diet

Burn Fat, Improve your Gut Health, and Feel Great Again

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People who have completed our program have reported:

  • "It was easy to stick to even with a busy schedule"

  • "The meals are awesome"

  • "I slept better"

  • "I felt less stressed out all of the time"

  • "My skin problems cleared up that I've used creams on for years"

  • "I have so much more energy"

What about Exercise?

  1. We recommend that you do a minimum of 30 minutes per day. Even if that means walking 30 minutes on your lunch break.

  2. Try our 1 week membership which gives you 3-60 minute workouts where you get to experience the initial program from our stronger for life system.

How much does this program cost?

This program is so beneficial to get you started on long lasting results that we're offering it for only $130. 

I hope you'll join us and see the incredible results!

What will we measure so I can see the progress from the diet?

We will measure your weight, 7 site body fat % (using skin fold calipers), body circumferences, blood pressure, and you’ll complete a toxicity questionnaire.

10 Day Detox Results

Data reflects the results from 2 Men & 5 Women

What exactly is the plan?

  1. We temporarily eliminate a number of foods, beverages, and ingredients that could be the cause of your fat loss struggles

  2. We guide you through a systematic process to reintroduce a single food, beverage, and ingredient back in and screen your body’s responses to it

  3. We make a record of which food types work well for you and which ones to avoid for long term success.

  4. We track the health and physical changes that you want to see improve during the diet so you can see your progress

  5. We provide you with a guide to continue improving your blood work, body composition, and avoid disease.