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Shatter your Weight Loss Plateau-Part 1

When I'm working with someone who is trying to lose weight and getting frustrated, there are a few things that should followed on your to do list:

1. If you are drinking alcohol. STOP. There is enough inflammation in your system that we are trying to cool off by exercising, eating differently, getting nutrients that you are deficient in, etc. Consuming alcohol is going to add to that inflammation and indirectly makes you fat anyways. 

2. Stop counting calories using my fitness pal or fat secret. All this is going to do is make you under eat, then you'll start craving sweets and other things you shouldn't eat, and it will slow your metabolism down due to a reduction in vitamin/mineral levels. 

3. Start tracking how many grams of protein you get every day. If you take your body weight and divide it by 2.2, that is the minimum amount of protein that I want you to consume daily. If you consume protein by itself without carbs present, your body will expend 30% more calories just trying to digest that food for the next 2 hours. If you have it with low blood sugar veggies it will still burn an additional 10-15% more calories to break it down. 

4. Start tracking how many grams of fiber you get every day. Try and consume at least 30 grams per day or more. Fiber not only keeps your digestive system regular every day, it is responsible for removing toxins that you've consumed from fast food, processed food, etc. that is only contributing to you gaining weight and feeling crappy all day long. The more you can poop that junk out, the sooner you can start losing weight again. 

5. Give your body the fuel that it needs to keep your immune system, all of the cells of your body, and, and metabolism in great shape. Wake up in the morning and have either a bulletproof coffee or a healthy breakfast, and then take the following:

Multivitamin (2 pills)

Fish Oil (1 Pill)

Vitamin D (Body Weight x 27ius)

Calcium (2 pills)

Probiotic (1 pill)

Vitamin C (2000mg)

  • For a snack during the day have some pumpkin seeds or add green beans to a meal
  • Before Bed:

Fish Oil (1 pill)

Magnesium (2 pills)

After you've incorporated all of these things into your lifestyle and have established a lifelong routine, move on to part 2 if you are still struggling. 

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