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How to Conquer Feeling Forgetful

A Few Fun Facts About Your Brain

-Your brain gets drained by things in your diet and your environment that shouldn’t be there.

-The foods that you may consume, and types of light you are exposed to can also weaken your brain. 

-Your brain uses 20% of all the calories you consume every day whether you like it or not. 

-The number, efficiency, and strength of your mitochondria dictates if you will develop cancer or a degenerative disease. It also dictates how much brain power you have right now. If you haven't read the blog post "What the Heck are Mitochondria" check that out first before continuing. 

-The prefrontal cortex is in charge of advanced cognitive function and has the highest concentration of mitochondria in the body. Following the prefrontal cortex are the eyes and then the heart. The brain is going to take all of the energy it needs that the mitochondria produce first. Your eyes, heart, other organs, and muscles will take whatever is left.

-If you are sedentary, haven’t done much aerobic training in awhile, and struggle to make it through a day of work and feel exhausted, then you could greatly benefit from training your body to make more mitochondria.

-Fatigue is the first sign that your mitochondria are overtaxed. This will lead to cravings, moodiness, brain fog, forgetfulness, and a lack of focus. You might suffer all 5 of these symptoms and figure that it is just part of growing old, having a career, taking care of a family, etc. The great news is that all of it can be fixed and you can feel focused, level headed, sharp minded, and energized.

Brain Weakness #1: Forgetfulness

-Forgetting important dates or events

-Ask the same questions over and over

-Rely on memory aids like checklists or phone calendars

-Difficulty keeping track of monthly bills

-Pause while speaking to think of the right word

-Problems remembering names

-Forget where you put things

-Lose your train of thought

-Forget what you are doing in real time

How to Fix Feeling Forgetful

1. Get Enough To Eat. If you forget or skip meals, correct this problem first. Get a solid meal 3 times per day. If you have to eat 3 meals at different times of the day than the typical 7am, noon, and 5pm, that is perfectly fine. If you feel completely lost with what is healthy, what you should eat and when, then the Defensive Fitness 10-Day Detox is perfect for you busy people. It will start some great nutritional habits that will give you plenty of mental energy and make you feel great again.

2a. Make More Mitochondria. This will make more energy producing friends that will give your brain and body more energy to function at your best every day. If you believe being outside to do exercise to make more mitochondria would be best for you, and can gain access to a treadmill for about 30 minutes, then contact me and for only $30 I will get you going on an 8 week outdoor exercise program that will burn fat and make more mitochondria for you. If you’d rather train indoors on a treadmill, bike, elliptical, or swimming, no problem, I have a program just for you.

2b. If weights are more your thing then signing up for our online training will satisfy anyone who’d rather bust their butt in the gym vs sit on a treadmill. The Defensive Fitness phase 1 program will greatly increase the number of mitochondria that you have and how much oxygen gets delivered to your brain. The training videos that include personal training instruction will give you everything you need to succeed on the program.

3. Make More Myelin.If your brain doesn’t seem to work as fast as it did when you were younger, the amount of myelin in your brain is breaking down. Myelin is the fatty insulation that surrounds our neuron wires in our brain and allows for fast electrical signals to flow through them. There are 2 things that will help you make more myelin: start using your brain more often for things that you want to remember vs your calendar app, and increase the amount of healthy fats you eat. When you use your brain to remember something it makes you use those neurons that are degenerating. If you don’t use them, you lose them. Eating 1 tablespoon of butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil per day is a great goal. Also taking a couple fish oils every day will also make more myelin.

4. Increase Energy Production.Once you have increased the number of mitochondria that you have, training them to produce energy faster will give you more mental and physical energy then you are use to at every given moment of the day. The conditioning programs in phase 2 will do this for those that prefer online training. There is a different conditioning program for those that like outdoor exercise or cardio machine training. Contact me and get your mitochondria started producing more energy today!

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