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What the Heck are Mitochondria


These are bacteria that have evolved into the organelles that aerobically produce all of our energy. The heart, brain, eyes, and skeletal muscles have tons of these little things working non stop to keep us going. If they stopped working we would be dead in a couple of seconds. 


The mitochondria get damaged from aerobic training, emotional stress, and environmental toxins. Also eating too many calories, drinking alcohol, consuming sugar, and consuming lectins all damage our mitochondria. 

When the mitochondria aren't working properly we suffer from low energy, struggle to burn fat or lose weight, get fat, age faster, and get chronic illnesses.

what do I do to keep my mitochondria healthy?

1. Get rid of junk food

2. No fast food

3. Eat less or no sugar

4. Drink less or no alcohol

5. Detoxify your body of everything hurting your system every day (10 Day Detox)

6. Start a strength and conditioning program that will create more mitochondria for you (Free 1 week membership)

7. Consume 1500mg of fish oil every day to give your body the building blocks to make new mitochondria. You can find the best brand that we recommend in our store.

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