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The Life Changing Benefits of Vitamin K2

If you already are proactive and take vitamin D3 and calcium citrate to provide your body with the nutrients needed to have great bone density, keep it up. There is one key nutrient that is very important to consume along side vitamin D3 and calcium citrate that you probably have never heard of…

Vitamin K2

If you thought there is just vitamin k that you take in your multivitamin or the stuff you eat in your green, leafy veggies. That is vitamin K1. Vitamin K1 is great for blood clotting hence it was named after the Danish word Koagulation.

Vitamin K2 is formed mostly by bacteria during fermentation. Vitamin K2 has shown to have an amazing destruction effect on calcium deposits in your arteries. Therefore it has shown to be a great ally in people with atherosclerosis and diabetes. Vitamin K2 also increases HDL cholesterol and lowers our total cholesterol levels, which is great for people who need an easy way to improve their cholesterol.  Consuming doses at or above the RDA are recommended to reap the rewards.

Vitamin K2 also has a very dependent partner in the body known as the Matrix Gla protein (MGP). Vitamin K2 teams up with MGP and attaches itself to a bone protein that destroys bone cells, which if not governed properly can lead to osteopenia and eventually osteoporosis.

If you are wondering what some food groups are that you can eat which contain vitamin K2 so you start getting the preventative disease and health benefits, let’s dive in.

My favorite animal versions that contain the M-4 type of Vitamin K2 are:

·      Egg yolks

·      Dark meat chicken (Legs and Thighs)

·      Grass fed butter (Kerry Irish Gold butter)

Vitamin K2 must be consumed with fat, because it is just like vitamins A, D, and E which are fat soluble. The animal forms unfortunately don’t stay active for more than 1 hour in the body, making daily consumption important for good cardiovascular and organ health.

The other category of Vitamin K2 is M-7 which lasts significantly longer in the body and has a very different function than M-4. The M-7 form comes from fermented soy beans called natto and fermented curded cheese. Natto has a reputation for smelling awful and has a slimy texture. Not to worry the M-7 form can be supplemented.

Action Steps

Everyone should be consuming both versions of vitamin K2 daily. Start thinking of some ways you could include some egg yolks, grass fed butter, and dark meat in your daily diet. Then take that extra step and start supplementing the MK-7 form of vitamin K2 along with your vitamin D and calcium citrate after breakfast.

If you decide to supplement vitamin K2, make sure the brand you choose doesn’t have other preservatives in it that cause inflammation and body fat gain.

If you’ve enjoyed this article please leave me a comment below and order a bottle of Vitamin K2 today that you can trust. You can find it in the supplements for health section on my Online Store and I’ll make sure to get it to you soon.


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