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The Immune, Myelination, and Sleep Benefits of 3 Mushrooms You Must Consume Regularly

If you didn’t know, there are thousands of different mushrooms in the world, most unfortunately are poisonous. There are a few types that are somewhat common to see in your local grocery stores or farmers markets when they are in season. There are other countries like Russia, China, Asia, and Canada that grow unique types that us Americans can get online for consumption. This is usually through the modality of mushroom powders or liquid extracts which actually can increase the health benefits further than cooking and eating them whole.

There are 3 types of mushrooms that I’m going to discuss in this article due to popularity in other cultures and because I believe that they will give you the biggest bang for your buck.


These mushrooms are sweeter tasting and contain Beta glucans and chitosans that boost the immune system and have shown to be very effective at:

-Defending the body against influenza

-Combat aging


-Lowering LDL cholesterol

-Lowering systolic blood pressure (the top number of the “normal” blood pressure of 120/80 that you may of heard before).

These mushrooms cook pretty fast and are typically used in stir fry or other Asian dishes. They are also contribute great flavor and texture to breakfast dishes. I recommend you buy these from a farmers market or in your local grocery store.

Lions Mane

This mushroom is very special due to the fact that it stimulates nerve growth factor and myelination. If you don’t know what myelination is, it is the fatty insulation that covers all of the nerves throughout the body that speeds up nerve signaling. Consuming Lions Mane will help with many things:


-REM Sleep (Dreaming and brain restoration)

-Skill learning

-Power, Speed, and Strength Development

-Helps people with M.S., dementia, and alzheimers

Lions Mane Mushroom extract is relatively inexpensive, and is sold my an Australian research lab called Life Cycle, where they extract the medicinal benefits by using water, alcohol, and the Australian native fruit called a kakadu plum. This mushroom extract can be purchased on Amazon for $35 which yields a 60 day supply.


In China this mushroom is also known as the mushroom of immortality. This mushroom’s benefits are:

-Build up your immune system to combat against pollons and various autoimmune conditions

-Calming effect, which is great in the evening after a busy or stressful day at work.

An organic version of this mushroom can be purchased on Amazon for $24 which yields a 7 month supply.

Cooking Mushrooms

Make sure you cook mushrooms in either a little water or healthy fat such as grass fed butter over high heat for a few minutes. This will kill off any spores and digestion blocking effects the mushroom has on the outer skin.


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