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Learn how to apply current physiology and nutrition research to improve your health and performance.

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Truth or Myth: Taking Stock of Dietary Supplements’ Harmful Effects on Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults

You might have heard or read extreme news headlines about the effects of dietary supplements, vitamins, energy boosting supplements, or body building supplements. Myself, 2 nutrition/exercise physiology professors, and strength coach Phil Stevens systematically breakdown the flaws of this study and reveal some truths that discredits some things that you may have heard regarding this study. Learn how to critically analyze a study of this design and gain some knowledge on the topic so you can educate others on this important controversy.

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How much Protein is enough for health, body composition, and performance?

Learn how much protein you need for body composition, performance, and overall health. Learn how do you calculate your protein total based on your goal. Learn how much protein to eat at once for max benefit. Learn what protein sources are best. Learn when to consume protein after you finish a training session. Then there are some references at the end if you’re interested in reading more about protein.

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