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How Glutathione can Improve your Health and Slow Aging

Glutathione is the master antioxidant of the body and as we age we lose the ability to produce glutathione naturally. This means that we lose the ability to detoxify our liver. This organ is important to keep healthy to ensure that we process and absorb all of the nutrients that we consume.

Glutathione combats bad bugs that get into our digestive tract and also decreases inflammation from other environmental toxic chemicals we come in contact with externally.

Glutathione can be purchased in supplement form but it is extremely expensive and lots of it gets destroyed by the stomach acids in our stomach.

There is a newly discovered single chain probiotic that if taken naturally will create glutathione in the body. It is called lactobacillus fermentum ME-3. This probiotic strand is not in any other probiotic that people are taking, and is only sold in one brand called Regactiv.

You can purchase this probiotic at your local whole food markets and vitamin shops. Just go to and find where it is being sold near you. It is also sold on amazon for ~$35 which is so much cheaper then functional medicine doctors who sell glutathione for over $100 on their websites.

You can have this antioxidant checked in a blood test to see if you are low and would benefit from taking regactiv.  

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