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How to Improve Pistol Draw Times by Strength Training

The Art of Drawing a Pistol for Self-Defense

Drawing a pistol for self-defense is one of the most complex skills there is to learn. You need thousands of repetitions to master the technique. However the state of your posture, strength, and coordination is something that can change very rapidly and will effect your technique. This is why consistent practice is super important when you are developing other physical attributes of your body, because if you don't, your technique will suffer greatly. If you carry around extra weight or do repetitive movements for a job (sitting, standing, drilling, hair, dentistry, construction, etc.) then you most likely have multiple muscles that are tight and other muscles that are weak. When muscles get tight they lose strength, fatigue easily, and make us move inefficiently. When muscles get weak, your performance decreases, and the tight muscles effect you even more. Being able to functionally move so you can perform a draw optimally and have enough specialized strength to manage the recoil of the ammo and firearm that you are using is essential. I'm going to share with you some exercises that will strengthen your muscles for the various parts of the draw. If you aren't training these already in the gym, and want to move at your best for drawing your pistol, then make sure you start doing them today! 

Double Raking Your Shirt

Kb Upright Row

SA Db Row

The Snatch

Db CG Bench

The Rock

Tea Cup

Kb Rack Carry (part of the phase 1 warm up at Defensive Fitness)

The Presentation

Db Bench

Db ext dev

1st Shot

Db int dev

Db bicep curl

Physical Performance for using a pistol for self-defense is much more complex than these few exercises. If you want the full shooting training package then come on down to Defensive Fitness for a free week of strength training or start training at home or at your nearest gym with our online training


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