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The Kettlebell Swing can develop explosive strength or lead to a back injury

A client recently shared a video with me of of Cain Velasquez performing a heavy kettlebell swing. The weight was so heavy that his technique and entire kinetic chain was immediately compromised. When form is bad on rep 1, rep 13 is even more scary...please do not perform a kettlebell swing this way. 

His return to the octagon is delayed when his back surgery had some bumps in the road.

The kettlebell swing is nothing to fear when done with the correct load for the correct adaptation desired. It is a phenomenal movement that has been around for longer than anyone reading this blog post. It can greatly improve posture, increase muscular endurance, improve explosive strength for combat sports, and much more. 

This is how a kettlebell swing is suppose to look when it is done safely and effectively. 

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