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Why Fitness Training for Self-Defense Needs to Be Specialized and Specific

I think we would all agree that someone trying to hurt you or a loved one is a stressful experience that we don't plan on dealing with when we wake up in the morning. There are many classes, martial art schools, and firearms training facilities that claim that they will teach you what you need to know to defend yourself or a loved one when that day happens. Now there's a gym in Minnesota that offers small group and online strength and conditioning programs that will enhance your marital art/firearms skills, and add its own skills to your self-defense preparation.

Many people that do firearms training with Defensive Mindset Training have experienced the benefits of doing programs at Defensive Fitness along side their firearms training for over 3.5 years now. 

Both types of training are developing the physical and neurological adaptations to perform specific skills that will effectively defend yourself when you experience a stressful encounter. 

What happens to our Brain and Body when we are experiencing stress?

1. We lose Control of our Prefrontal Cortex-This part of our brain allows us to do flexible thinking, recognize errors in our movement and social interactions and quickly switch our actions to ones that hopefully will be better, and perform more complex skills. 

2. Our Amygdala and Basal Ganglia get super stimulated-The Amygdala gets stimulated by fear or stress, which that then signals the basal ganglia (where you store trained skills or movement patterns) to take over for the Prefrontal Cortex. If you haven't done hundred or thousands of reps of specialized strength and conditioning exercises that will work for self-defense or improve self-defense skills, which also hopefully you've repped out hundreds or thousands of times, then your odds of doing anything productive in that moment of fear or stress is quite slim. 

You don't get to decide when you or a loved one is attacked. You DO get to decide to do specialized and specific training that will trigger your Defensive Skills and Physical Adaptations to win!