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Life Strength Fitness is a one of a kind gym where small groups of up to 8 people per session come and train together in a fun, supportive, and personalized environment doing individualized training programs to improve physical performance, how they move, lose weight, and reduce pain. The programs here have extensive hours put into them and real data to back up their effectiveness. This is the best personal training you will ever experience and you can do them long term because we offer this service to you at group fitness prices. Your LSF workout is always specific to you! People in search of quality fitness programs love coming here to train because everything we do is measured so great results will happen if you walk in the door and train. Members are business professionals, stay at home moms, grandparents, youth athletes and even military and Law Enforcement. Come train with us for a week and see for yourself. Click the free week button above to get started.

Training designed for you

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Your Life Strength Fitness program starts with an in-depth analysis of how each joint of your body moves. This translates to specific strengthening and stretching regimens to improve aches and pains, and protect you from future injury. You’ll have a highly structured fitness program with movement patterns and adaptations that build on each other over multiple programs. You will get lots of programs over time that will constantly improve your movement proficiency and help you develop strength, power, flexibility, endurance, and many different conditioning adaptations. Each program is based on your individual level of fitness, strength, and goals. We use a variety of program design principles, training methods, and exercises that you've never done before to keep workouts exciting and continue getting results for many years. 

Incredible Value

Personalized training for less! Stop paying for a gym membership and each and every personal training session. Life Strength Fitness offers it all for one low monthly cost. Come in for training 2-4 times per week for only $135-$190 per month, saving you hundreds of dollars compared to other gyms, and you train in a supportive, semi-private environment that quickly feels like family., and you also get access to the cardiovascular training and conditioning equipment.


Listen in as Strength Coach Andrew tells the listeners of All Business Media FM Radio about Life Strength Fitness (Formerly Defensive Fitness), why what we do is so effective, and how we have changed the lives of our members.

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Life Strength Fitness Gets Results

Level 1-Phase 1 Program Results

The progress of EVERY Member is regularly measured with performance and movement quality tests. Each program you do, focuses on 2-3 adaptations or physical improvements we want to make. The first program you will do lasts 2-3 months to complete. It will improve your muscular endurance on a large variety of movements that will take your body through all 3 planes of movement that your body should be able to move in. There will also be improvements in your fat burning threshold also known as the aerobic threshold. The corrective exercises and stretches we will customize to you will improve how well you move and make you stronger. These adaptations in phase 1 are essential for faster recovery, learning correct movement techniques that we will progress in future programs, and sets the tone so that you get more results from all future programs. The graph off to the left are the average improvements our members have achieved from their first program. You will be able to access your performance data on our online system to see your progress at any time as well.


Additional training options:

Nutrition Plans

What you put or don’t put in your mouth daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly has a constant impact on your blood work, body composition, and performance potential, and switching on the correct hormones.

We pre and post measure everything that we do to ensure that our plans are taking you in the right direction.

We want you to see improvement. Click the button below to get started.

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Paragon Defense Training

This class is designed for all walks of life from the non-martial artist to the experienced practitioner. The curriculum will give students skill sets when they are unarmed or carrying a knife that they can truly depend on to keep them safe. People that work/live in high crime areas or are going off to college will greatly benefit from this class.

Don’t put off getting started learning skills that will save your life. Come train with us at our next class by clicking the button below.

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Exercise Video Access

If you currently workout in a small or large box gym, you probably do a lot of people watching to hopefully provide you with guidance on exercise variation, progression, and proper technique. I’ve designed an extensive exercise library with over 400 videos that show you the proper form, equipment variations, progressions, safety tips, performance tips, and how to setup every exercise.

Train safely and effectively at your gym using the best online video instruction out there.

Get access today to a huge variety of fun, effective, and unique exercises that will improve your life. Click the button below to get started.

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Fitness Supplies and Equipment

For years lots of the retail equipment you find in stores are overpriced and made overseas, resulting in equipment that doesn’t last very long. We partnered with a company that provides American made equipment to finest weight rooms for DI colleges and professional teams. The best part is the equipment is higher quality and cheaper than what you see in stores.

Get accessory equipment to bring with you on your next workout or start building a quality home gym today. Click the button below to get great American made equipment.

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Permit to Carry

Our constitutional right to bear arms to protect ourselves and our family goes far beyond ownership. Take the next step and take the most comprehensive course which covers the following topics:


Ammo/Pistol Anatomy and Physiology


Transitional Carry

Self-Defense/Criminal Mindset

Threat Identification

Shooting Fundamentals


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Use of Force

Obtaining/transferring/transporting a pistol

Where you can/can't carry

Legal Topics

Self-Defense Process

Where/How to Continue your Training