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Paragon Defense Training

Paragon Defense Training: Giving you the ability to use empty hands, knives, and impact weapon skills from kali, JKD, and pekiti tursia to defend against a lethal threat

Guro Scott Folke


Guro Scott Folke has been training and teaching various systems of martial arts for more than 30 years. He has certifications in multiple forms of the Filipino martial art of Kali, WuShu, and western boxing styles. He's trained law enforcement, military operators, mixed martial arts competitors, and citizen defenders that carry edged and impact weapons to defend themselves and their loved ones.

Scott is focused on the basics and on the details. With his years of experience he's been able to bring a unique ability to help his students grow faster than they'd thought possible. Young and old, Scott's focus and dedication produces results.

What is Kali Knife Fighting?

This class trains you how to use knife combative skills from kali, JKD, and pekiti tursia to defend against a lethal encounter. The class is conducted in a safe but challenging environment where you will learn how to utilize knives, impact weapons, and your body to defend yourself against one or multiple attackers. Whether you carry a knife yourself and want to learn how to use it more effectively or want to know how to defend yourself against one, this class is for you.

Knife Drills 

These drills and movement generators are designed to get you, the defender, ready to run your knife as close to reality as possible. In a life and death encounter, there are limbs and weapons flying everywhere. Learning Paragon Defense Training will teach you where to place your hand or weapon in the most effective target areas possible. Kali drills like Palasut (below) help you find those target areas, defend against incoming attacks, and learn to continue to function during scenario-based training.

Empty Hands Skills

These are skills that you can use to defend yourself, should you find yourself in a life or death fight without a weapon, or before you can deploy it. This is not competition martial arts. This isn't for the octagon of MMA. These skills are banned in that environment because they are designed to cause dabilitating damage as quickly as possible.