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The Warrior Diet earned its name because it challenges the mind and body to survive not on constant food consumption, but on the slow and consistent burning of the fat stored in all of the places you don’t want it. This is the key! We will help you teach your body to burn that stubborn fat like a furnace.

Why Does the Warrior Diet Work

Intermittent Fasting

Lengthening the intentional period of time that you don’t eat between dinner and breakfast (fasting) triggers a stimulation of growth hormone. This leads to more tissue recovery after workouts and greater fat loss. For those who have been on a high carb American diet, this will give your insulin a much needed vacation, causing your body to lower insulin resistance, the major indicator of type 2 diabetes. Fasting also signals your body to make more sirtuin enzymes which increase your life span. Intermittent fasting also increases your daily calorie burn by ~10% which is an amazing way to burn off more body fat while sleeping, driving, or working. Intermittent fasting also tells your body to repair or remove damaged mitochondria cells (the energy producing cells of your entire body) and make new ones that work better, providing you with more energy then you have now. If you have never tried fasting before, the mental energy boost and fat loss benefits are fantastic!

Train Hard While Fasting

Training in the fasted state triggers an epinephrine release to tell the body to use stored fat for fuel. Done routinely, and over time, this method increases how much fat can be burnt during a training session. You read that right: you can actually TEACH your body to use MORE FAT! Also, way more GLUT-4 Transporters are activated when you train on an empty stomach. This increases how much protein, carbs, and fat get absorbed into muscles, aiding in muscle repair and providing energy for your next training session. The GLUT-4 Transporters can stay elevated for 24-48 hours, lengthening your fat burning potential. This effect happens for both aerobic conditioning and strength training.

Morning/Evening Fasted Walks

The morning fasted walk helps burn extra fat before you have your breakfast, or an evening fasted walk aids in the digestion and disposition of dinner to the body. Doing light aerobic activity fasted also is a unique way to stimulate non-insulin mediated transporters to shuttle carbs from your liver back to your muscles to aid in recovery and have increased carb stores for your next fasted training session. Only 20-30 minutes of walking is needed to get the benefit!

Here’s how the programs works

  • For 9 weeks you’ll track your food consumption on cronometer, the most accurate app out there with macro and micronutrients tested by the FDA. A trainer will check your macro and micronutrient food consumption weekly, screening it to make sure you are consuming the right ratios of nutrients, if you are hitting your macronutrient goals specifically calculated for you, and give you recommendations on what to change next week so you get more benefits.

  • Daily, you’ll consume your customized amounts of macronutrient utilizing healthy meals you enjoy along with the list of easy recipes provided with the program.

  • When you’re suppose to be fasting aka not putting food or calorie beverages in your mouth, we’ll let you know via the daily tracker document we give you.

  • You’ll weigh yourself and record that on your daily tracker twice a week. This will help you with accountability and really seeing your progress!

  • You’ll take 60 second cold followed by 60 second hot contrast showers at the conclusion of your normal showering to create cold shock proteins to boost mitochondrial function and accelerate fat burning while you sleep. Your daily tracker will tell you how many rounds to do.

  • In the morning or evening, you’ll take a walk on an empty stomach, which is great for stress reduction, lowers blood sugar and insulin, improves sleep, and accelerates fat burning in a simple to do method.

  • And to really prove the results, you’ll take a body fat circumference test at the beginning, middle, and end of the program.

When you sign up, here’s what you’ll get!

Benefits of the Warrior Diet!

  • Learn and consume macronutrient targets that will help YOU reduce your body fat %.

  • Discover what to buy at the grocery store and how to cook it to make you slimmer.
    Develop the skill of tracking your food for long term health benefits.

  • Watch your body composition change and have real measurements of your success, along with experiencing the results you’ve been looking for.

  • Get weekly reminders of what to do each week.

  • Receive individualized feedback and suggestions from a coach to learn how to be a healthier and leaner person.

  • Have the accountability YOU need to keep to the goals of the program so you don’t lose focus.

  • Get a 9 week maintenance plan afterwords to keep your progress going so you don’t feel lost after the diet is over and don’t know what to do next or are scared you’ll just put all of the fat back on again.

  • A comprehensive list of recipes, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and ingredients, all to guide to you toward success.

  • A tracking document where you can easily report your weight, sleep, and fasted training time each day.

  • We will help you calibrate your cronometer app on a weekly basis with specific calorie, fat, carb, protein, and fiber goals.

  • We will review your food, weight, and sleep every week on the tracking document and the myfitnesspal app and send you individualized recommendations to make the following week even more effective.

  • We will perform body circumference and body fat percentage measurements at the start, halfway, and at the end of the diet so you can really see the results.

  • Most of all, we are committed to your success - so much so, that you’ll get an additional 9 week maintenance plan to continue the success and for sure make your fat loss permanent that you got from the warrior diet plan. This maintenance plan is absolutely FREE because we want you to SUCCEED!

The Life Strength Fitness Warrior Diet is really an UNBELIEVABLE value!

The cost is only $250 for more than 2 months of a diet that works, using real food you can buy at whatever grocery store you prefer. Compare our $250 cost for a 9 week system with the cost of other programs.

  • The out of pocket cost for a wellness check at your doctor’s office is $150, and they send you home with a sheet of paper that says to eat fruits and vegetables, and start exercising - not much help.

  • The Medifast middle of the road plan costs $300/month

  • eDiets costs $400/month

  • Bistro M.D. is $720/month

  • Jenny Craig is $1,000/month.

Warrior Diet Results After 9 Weeks

Data reflects 3 men & 2 Woman