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Nutrition Plans

Want to look better, feel healthier, and live longer? These nutrition plans will do just that!

#1 Life Strength Fitness Detox Diet

Feeling bloated, low-energy, and tired of DIY dieting? Get a jumpstart and do our 21-Day Detox program! With individualized coaching from a certified professional, this program will get your body on track to curb the cravings, burn more fat, boost your metabolism, and live with more energy. The program is easy to stick with and gives you quick, measurable results.

Taking part in our Detox Diet will help get your body on track to burn fat, feel full sooner, feel less bloated, conquer your addiction to sweets, and most importantly reveal to you which foods to consume and which foods to avoid. End the weight loss confusion.

#2 Life Strength Fitness Warrior Diet

The Warrior Diet historically was used by figure models, bodybuilders, and powerlifters to cut body fat for competition while maintaining or improving their performance in the gym. If you’re focused on performance increase AND fat loss, it’s the ‘holy grail’ of dieting goals. We have taken the historical diet and greatly improved it by including many years of new nutritional findings and have incorporated some other components to accelerate your results.

The historical Warrior Diet program had 3 main principles: static intermittent fasting, train hard in the gym, and going for a morning walk. Sounds simple, right? Here’s how we made it better:

  • The intermittent fasting principles that were historically used in this diet were dated, too long, had no progression, and plateaued early. We incorporated the most recent research and different fasting methods that are simply better at improving your health and causing you to lose fat faster.

  • Our version of the Warrior Diet includes the most complete and up to date protein research principles to prevent muscle loss and reducing your metabolic capabilities at attacking your own fat cells. Nobody wants to have less energy, be weaker, and have less muscle definition.

  • We also will incorporate your discovered foods from the Life Strength Fitness Detox Diet to boost fat burning hormones, increase mitochondrial function, improve blood sugar, reduce cravings, and make you feel alive again! If you haven’t done our Detox Diet we would highly recommend that one as a pre-requisite to the Warrior Diet. There is a ton of unique discoveries that you will learn about your biology and health benefits that you deserve to have before starting the Warrior Diet.

#3 Customized Nutrition Plan

Did you know that the food you put into your body controls 75% of your energy expenditure?

  • Do you know what and when to eat to change your body composition?

  • Do you know what to eat before and after a workout to improve your performance?

  • Do you know how to manipulate your nutrition to dramatically improve your blood work?

  • Your diet is critical in helping achieve your goals - let Defensive Fitness guide you to success