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Nutrition Plans

Want to be healthier, leaner, and perform better at everything you do? Do these nutrition plans in order and change your life!

#1 Life Strength Fitness 10 Day Detox 

If weight loss is or has been one of your goals and you were hoping that exercise alone would accomplish that, think again. 

Taking part in this 10-Day Detox will help your body by filling it with foods that work with your goals.

  1. It helps you identify whether your current food consumption is best for your long term health and body composition goals.

  2. The detox then guides you through a systematic process to reintroduce foods and learn which ones work with your biology and which ones make you less healthy and fatter.

#2 Life Strength Fitness Warrior Diet

The Warrior Diet was originally designed for figure models, bodybuilders, and powerlifters to cut body fat for competition while maintaining or improving their performance in the gym. Focused on performance increase AND fat loss, it’s the ‘holy grail’ of dieting goals. LSF has taken the foundations of the Warrior Diet, improved them with years of nutrition and fitness research, and now we’re offering this program to you as the Life Strength Fitness Warrior Diet.

The original Warrior Diet program has four main principles: guided intermittent fasting, correct eating of prescribed macronutrients specific to your body, hard training in the gym, and going for a walk on an empty stomach. Sounds simple, right? But the traditional Warrior Diet hasn't evolved with the latest in nutrition and fitness research, and while LSF has kept the spirit of this program, we’ve made it better. Here’s how:

  • The intermittent fasting principles that were historically used in this diet were dated, so LSF incorporated the latest intermittent fasting principles for faster fat loss!

  • The LSF Warrior Diet includes the most complete and up to date protein research principles to prevent muscle loss and keep your results coming in LSF training programs. You won’t go backward in strength, speed, or power, like sometimes happens with traditional dieting!

  • We also incorporated the principles from the Life Strength Fitness 10-Day Detox to boost fat burning hormones, increase mitochondrial function, improve blood sugar, reduce cravings, and make you feel alive again! If you haven’t done our 10 Day Detox program we would highly recommend that one as a pre-requisite to the Warrior Diet. There is a ton of unique discoveries that you will learn about your biology and health benefits that you deserve to have before starting the Warrior Diet.

#3 Customized Nutrition Plan

Did you know that the food you put into your body controls 75% of your energy expenditure?

  • Do you know what and when to eat to change your body composition?

  • Do you know what to eat before and after a workout to improve your performance?

  • Do you know how to manipulate your nutrition to dramatically improve your blood work?

  • Your diet is critical in helping achieve your goals - let Defensive Fitness guide you to success