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Morpheus 2.0 Training Technology (Pre-order now, ships 3rd Week of August)

Morpheus 2.0 Training Technology (Pre-order now, ships 3rd Week of August)


Heart Rate Variability (HRV) tracking technology was invented and used by the Russians to train elite athletes dating back to the 1960’s. Your HRV tells you:

  • Do I do my structured program today as it is written?

  • When you are recovered from previous training and ready to do more

  • When your body needs to back off or take a rest day

  • Whether your workout yesterday will get you results or if a change is needed to your program

  • If your body has adapted to the program and it’s time to push harder or change programs

Morpheus Package at Life Strength Fitness includes:

  • Heart Rate Variability recovery watch

  • Mobile App: Compatible with iPhone and all Android devices. Downloaded from appropriate app store

  • More info and user guide at

New Product Features:

  • OLED touch screen that displays heart rate zone and color. Workouts get stored on the watch.

  • Compatibility with the M3 chest strap and other ANT+ devices for improved HR accuracy when doing high speed movements

  • 50% Smaller size and lighter weight than the first morpheus band

  • New strap design that is more comfortable and easier to adjust

  • Magnetic charge port and cable.

  • HRV sensor on the bottom side of the watch screen is upgraded for more accuracy

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