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Our online training programs enable you to train anywhere, anytime. Get your workout in at work, home, or gym of your choice. Comes with videos/coaching cues.

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Heart Rate Variability (HRV) tracking technology was invented and used by the Russians to train elite athletes dating back to the 1960’s. This technology makes it possible to assess:

  • When you are recovered from previous training and ready to do more

  • When your body needs to back off, do conditioning, or take a rest day

  • Whether your workout yesterday will get you results or if a change is needed to your program

  • If your body has adapted to the program and it’s time to push harder or change programs

Morpheus HRV Technology at Life Strength Fitness includes:

  • Morpheus Watch

  • Mobile App: Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and all Android devices. Downloaded from appropriate app store

  • Daily Assessment of your HRV from a certified Trainer and workout adjustments based on your HRV measurements

Your unique online training program is designed and distributed to you privately via Google Sheets. There are tutorial videos that teach you how to navigate your program, and how to do each workout to get the adaptations from that program. Every exercise has an instructional video attached to it if you need it which shows you how to setup the exercise, and how to do the move safely, and how to do it for that particular program. Since it is linked to the spreadsheet it is easy to switch back and forth between the video and your program. These videos can be accessed anytime, anywhere in the world as long as you have a wifi connection.

I can remotely see what you’ve done and how you are performing on your spreadsheet no matter where you are in the world if you are using it. When you start using heart rate variability technology to show when you are adapting and recovering from the workouts I can make adjustments to your program remotely before plateaus happen so you keep getting results. 

Membership includes baseline performance testing, a functional movement assessment, and individualized program design. You will get more results if you purchase Morpheus HRV technology through us right away which includes software access to the Defensive Fitness Team. Otherwise we require everyone to start using this technology once you reach phase 3.

Pre- and Post-Testing is filmed by you and sent to us for analysis, which is billed at $35/hour, and that data is used to design and submit your new program to you in the google sheets app. Testing data allows you to measure progress that you have made from the beginning of that program.

Your data can always be viewed through the member login on our website. 

  • Fitness is only the beginning

  • We progressively teach you how to train safely and effectively for long term strength and fitness development

  • Our unique exercises improve performance and prevent injury

  • We use scientific testing to individualize your program and measure improvement

  • We use specialized training methods that work, regardless of age

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