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Heart Rate Variability (HRV) tracking technology was invented and used by the Russians to train elite athletes dating back to the 1960’s. This technology makes it possible to assess:

  • When you are recovered from previous training and ready to do more

  • When your body needs to back off, do conditioning, or take a rest day

  • Whether your workout yesterday will get you results or if a change is needed to your program

  • If your body has adapted to the program and it’s time to push harder or change programs

Morpheus HRV Technology at Life Strength Fitness includes:

  • Morpheus Watch

  • Mobile App: Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and all Android devices. Downloaded from appropriate app store

  • Daily Assessment of your HRV from a certified Trainer and workout adjustments based on your HRV measurements

Train Online with Stronger for Life Programs!

  • Your program is designed and accessed on Google Sheets.

  • Your1st tab at the bottom of the screen will have tutorial videos that teach you how to navigate your program, and how to do each workout to get the adaptations from that program.

  • Your 2nd tab will be your individualized training program. Every exercise contains a link to an instructional video. The video shows you how to setup the exercise, and how to do the move safely, and how to do it for that particular program. Since it is linked to the spreadsheet it is easy to switch back and forth between the video and your program. 

  • Your 3rd tab will have custom made corrective exercises and stretches needed to improve your body function and prevent future injuries.

  • Once per week Andrew will check in with you to see how your workouts went for the week, you can ask questions if you have any, and then you will make a plan for next week.

  • Your month to month training membership includes baseline performance testing, a functional movement assessment, and individualized program design.

  • When you finish every program you can schedule private Pre- and Post-Testing with Andrew at life strength fitness or you can have someone take a video of you completing the testing where you workout and send it to Andrew for analysis.

  • All online training clients also have the option to drop in and train with Andrew in person for $25 per class.

  • You can also upgrade your membership to include 1-60 minute private digital training session per month

  • You will be able to view your amazing progress on the zen planner member app on any smart phone or tablet

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