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Testimonials of Life Strength Fitness Members. Weight loss results. Exercise and fitness goals. Members who have Experienced Life Changing Results. Now it's Your Turn.

Steph's Story

For over a year, I have included Andrew Heaton's Life/Strength/Fitness workouts as a focal point of my fitness routines. It has made a world of difference to me and I'm grateful for Andrew's insights, gentle (sometimes less than gentle!) encouragement and commitment to my life's balance and fitness goals. It is a great, fun and friendly atmosphere of people from across the Twin Cities. If you're looking for something built uniquely for you - I encourage you to stop by and try the gym.

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Amanda's Story

My goals have been to both lose weight and to tone and become stronger and healthier as I get older. I have always been active and worked out consistently, but what I lacked was a structured program tailored to me and to gaining results. My stamina, energy and especially strength have increased far beyond anything I could do on my own. My tendonitis has always been...

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Adri's Story

This program was designed for MMA athletes, so every move is designed to maximize adaptations needed for defensive techniques. If you're in any sort of martial art or combative program, this program will definitely benefit you! I do jiujitsu and boxing outside of my DF workouts, and I can see the difference in my abilities! I've also seen a huge change in my body physically. I have much more muscle definition, less fat, and I am so much stronger!

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Kristin's Story

Although I considered myself a fairly active person at the time, I didn't have a set exercise regimen. I would occasionally work out at home with DVDs and enjoyed long walks with friends or our dog. Now that I had entered my 40's, I had daily lower back pain –I was intrigued by a program that was focused on building strength and coordination and was tailored to meet my individual needs...

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