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Amanda's Story

Member Since: November 2015

Age: 43

Functional Movement Achievements

LSF Functional Award

Womens 1st place Awards for performance

Bench Press Throw Award: 75lbs

Clean Pull Award: 175lbs

Repeat Speed Award: 12 Repeat Sprints

6 Second Alactic Capacity Award: 5.5 Back Squats, 85lbs

10 Second Alactic Capacity Award: 7 Back Squats, 125lbs

10 Second Alactic Capacity Award: 6 Bench Presses, 95lbs

Reactive Agility Award: 9.68 seconds

Power Endurance Bag Test: 42.41 seconds

Sit Up Award: 103


Muscular Endurance

Push Ups: 39 (95% Improvement)

Sit Ups: 103 (35% Improvement)

Ring Pull Ups: 45 (73% Improvement)

Squats: 154 (120% Improvement)

Strength Endurance

20RM Front Squat: 65lbs (44% Improvement)

30RM Front Squat: 90lbs (63% Improvement)

20RM Bench Press: 55lbs (22% Improvement)

30RM Bench Press: 60lbs (20% Improvement)


Back Squat: 155lbs (63% Improvement)

Bench Press: 120lbs (50% Improvement)

Front Squat: 125lbs (38% Improvement)

Dead Lift: 175lbs


Pro-Agility Time: 6.46sec (1% Improvement)


10 Yard Sprint Time: 2.56sec (20% Improvement)

Reactive Power

Vertical Jump Height: 14" (40% Improvement)

Repeat Power

20 Yard Repeat Sprints: 12 (71% Improvement)

Straining Power

Clean Pull: 175lbs (20% Improvement)

Bench Press Throw: 75lbs (50% Improvement)

Alactic Capacity

6 Second Front Squat: 85lbs, 5.5 Reps (57% Improvement)

6 Second Bench Press 95lbs, 4.5 Reps (125% Improvement)

10 Second Back Squat 125lbs, 7 Reps (55% Improvement)

10 Second Bench Press 95lbs, 6 Reps (50% Improvement) 

Top End Speed

30 Yard Sprint Time: 6.32sec (15% Improvement)

Upper Body Limb Speed

6 Sec Startle Response w/ Palm Heel Strikes: 38 Strikes

Reactive Agility

Dynamic Reactive Agility Time: 9.68sec (7% Improvement)

Aerobic Power

PeakVO2: 37.03 ml/kg/min (6.25% Improvement) 


Resting Heart Rate: 49 (15% Improvement)

Aerobic Threshold: 125

Anaerobic Threshold: 162 (11.7% Improvement)

Anaerobic Threshold Endurance: 4:43

Power Endurance

Power Endurance Bag Test: 42.41 sec (135% Improvement)

Back Squat: 85lbs. 14 reps (75% Improvement)

BB OH Press: 45lbs. 13 reps (116% Improvement)

Bench Press: 65lbs. 12 reps (71.4% Improvement)

BO Row: 45lbs. 17 reps (88.8% Improvement)

Dead Lift: 95lbs. 19 reps (46.1% Improvement)

Hex Bar Dead Lift: 95lbs. 18 reps (125% Improvement)

Amanda's Testimony

I have been training with Andrew since May of 2014, and at Life Strength Fitness for 3.5 years.  My goals have been to both lose weight and to tone and become stronger and healthier as I get older.

I have always been active and worked out consistently, but what I lacked was a structured program tailored to me and to gaining results I wanted to see. Since I have been working with Andrew I have noticed my stamina, energy and especially strength increase far beyond anything I could do on my own. I have had bad tendonitis in many joints my entire life, but with Andrew’s knowledge and help I have almost eliminated the pain that would come from a long day on my feet, or overuse of a joint through daily living. 

Also, having the scheduled workout times and Andrew’s attentiveness to every member and being sure they are working out consistently, I am able to get in three to four workouts a week with a crazy work/personal life schedule. That in and of itself is a miracle! 

Finally, you will never find a more supportive group of people who I enjoy seeing and working out with each week. It really is a family, and that is something you’ll never find at a large gym.