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David's Story

Member Since: September 2014

Current Age: 58

Functional Movement Achievements

LSF Functional Award

Mens 1st Place Award for Performance

10 Second Back Squat: 140lbs, 7 Reps

Performance Achievements

Muscular Endurance

Push Ups: 56 (17% Improvement)

Sit Ups: 110 (24% Improvement)

Pull Ups: 17 (55% Improvement)

Strength Endurance

20RM Front Squat: 95lbs (58% Improvement)

20RM Bench Press: 115lbs (21% Improvement)


Back Squat: 225lbs (80% Improvement)

Bench Press: 225lbs (18% Improvement)

Front Squat: 170lbs


Pro-Agility Time: 5.23sec (3% Improvement)


10 Yard Sprint Time: 2.12sec (17% Improvement)

Reactive Power

Bench Press Throw: 140lbs (86% Improvement)

Clean Pull: 245lbs (32% Improvement)

Rebound Box Jump: 15.25” (17% Improvement)

Rebound Plate Pushup Jump: 9.5” (58% Improvement)

Vertical Jump Height: 17" (6% Improvement)

Repeat Power

20 Yard Repeat Sprints: 7 (250% Improvement)

Power Endurance

1/4 Mile Run: 1 min. 35 seconds

Alactic Capacity

6 Second Front Squat: 135lbs, 4 Reps (33% Improvement)

6 Second Bench Press 165lbs, 4.5 Reps (29% Improvement)

10 Second Back Squat: 140lbs, 7 Reps (7% Improvement)

10 Second Bench Press: 170lbs, 5.5 Reps (22% Improvement)

Top End Speed

30 Yard Sprint Time: 4.93sec (12% Improvement)

Upper Body Limb Speed

6 Sec Startle Response w/ Palm Heel Strikes: 53 Strikes (36% Improvement)

Lower Body Limb Speed

7 Yard Disengagement Time: 2.51sec (11% Improvement)

Reactive Agility

Dynamic Reactive Agility Time: 14.82sec (15% Improvement)

Aerobic Power

PeakVO2: 52.93ml/kg/min (9% Improvement) 

David's Testimony

I’ve been with Life Strength Fitness for 5 years. My goal has been to get stronger as I get older and keep in shape. I was primarily a runner for 38 years as my preferred way of staying in shape. After experiencing a lot of hip pain after my runs a few years ago, the doctor told me that I "wore out my hips".

Over the past 3 years, under Andrew’s coaching, I learned proper technique for lifting and continued to increase my strength while keeping up aerobic fitness. Prior to coming to Life Strength Fitness, I lived with significant hip pain while walking. But through the training, the pain has been eliminated, and I am much stronger in both my upper and lower body. No more limping because of the hip pain.

I also appreciate Andrew’s attention to diet and to staying up to date on the latest strength and conditioning research, which he implements into his programs. I like being challenged physically and mentally, and Life Strength Fitness training meets both challenges!