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Kristin's Story

Member Since: December 2015

Age: 46


LSF Functional Award


Bench Press Award: 130lbs

20RM Front Squat Award: 115 lbs

20RM Bench Press Award: 70 lbs

Pro-Agility Award: 5.56 sec. 


Muscular Endurance

Knee Push Ups: 26 (63% Improvement)

Sit Ups: 82 (37% Improvement)

Band Pull Ups: 17 (143% Improvement)

Squats: 141 (93% Improvement)

Strength Endurance

20RM Front Squat: 115 lbs (57% Improvement)

20RM Bench Press: 70 lbs (44% Improvement)


Back Squat: 165lbs (158% Improvement)

Bench Press: 130lbs (73% Improvement)

Front Squat: 145lbs


Pro-Agility Time: 5.56sec


10 Yard Sprint Time: 2.26sec (12% Improvement)

Straining Power

Bench Press Throw: 35lbs

Clean Pull: 165lbs

Lower Body Straining Power: 1.1sec with 125 lb Back Squat

Upper Body Straining Power: 1.1sec with 95 lb Bench Press

Alactic Capacity

6sec Front Squat: 105lbs, 4.5 Reps (12% Improvement)

6sec Bench Press: 95lbs, 3.5 Reps

Top End Speed

30 Yard Sprint: 5.1sec (12% Improvement)

Repeat Speed

20 Yard Repeat Sprints: 6 @ 3.75sec (50% Improvement)

Kristin's Testimony

I began the Stronger for Life Program at Life Strength Fitness about four years ago. Although I considered myself a fairly active person at the time, I didn't have a set exercise regimen. I would occasionally work out at home with DVDs and enjoyed long walks with friends or our dog. 

My husband had been working out with Andrew for about a year and a half when he suggested I join Life Strength Fitness, too. I knew there was something special about what Andrew was offering because my husband, who had not ever had a regular workout schedule, was now making it to 6:30 am workouts three days a week with no complaints!

Now that I had entered my 40's, I had daily lower back pain – often simply from how I had slept overnight. I was determined to finally do something to take care of myself. I was intrigued by a program that was focused on building strength and coordination and was tailored to meet my individual needs. When I went in for my first assessment with Andrew, I couldn't even do a bench press with an empty bar. The move itself felt awkward because I had never used a weight bar before.  I am amazed that now I am able to bench press 120 pounds without difficulty. Andrew has created workouts with varied and challenging moves, and they are never boring. The other thing I really enjoy during my workouts at Life Strength Fitness is the camaraderie among other members. We offer each other support and genuine encouragement during workouts and it really feels like a “family.”

I love that through this program I have become stronger and have more confidence overall in what my body is capable of. Now my aches and pains are from the work I put in during my training sessions, and they are a welcome feeling as my body improves. I feel better physically and mentally than I have in years thanks to Life Strength Fitness.