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Steph's Story

member since: 2018

age: 50


For over a year, I have included Andrew Heaton's Life/Strength/Fitness workouts as a focal point of my fitness routines. It has made a world of difference to me and I'm grateful for Andrew's insights, gentle (sometimes less than gentle!) encouragement and commitment to my life's balance and fitness goals. It is a great, fun and friendly atmosphere of people from across the Twin Cities. If you're looking for something built uniquely for you - I encourage you to stop by and try the gym.

Body Composition Achievements

Achieved Excellent Category for Body Fat %

Functional Movement Achievements 

LSF Functional Award

Women’s 1st place award for performance

Push Up Award: 60

60 Sec Heart Rate Recovery Award: 39 beats


Muscular Endurance

Push Ups: 60 (9% Improvement)

3 Minute Sit Ups: 75 (10% Improvement)

Pull Ups: 16 (60% Improvement)

3 Minute Squats: 123 (16% Improvement)

Strength Endurance

20RM Front Squat: 70

20RM Bench Press: 60


Back Squat: 125 (8% Improvement)

Bench Press: 120 (20% Improvement)


Aerobic Threshold: 140

Anaerobic Threshold: 161

Resting Heart Rate: 50

60 Sec Heart Rate Recovery: 39