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Andrew Heaton (Head Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

I first became interested in strength and conditioning for health and performance in high school, where I discovered a passion for helping others in the high school weight room perform lifts correctly and get results.

While working on my Associates degree I got certified as a personal trainer and have been training general population clients since 2007. I decided I wanted to know more so I decided to start working on my bachelors degree and interned on the strength and conditioning staff at the University of Minnesota. I also worked at other private facilities while working on my bachelors training youth and professional athletes.

I then went on to get my Masters Degree which started at the University of North Dakota where I taught undergraduate courses in the topics of intro to kinesiology, intro to personal training, intro to conditioning, and intro to strength training. I also interned with the strength and conditioning staff assisting with the training of football and track. I came back to the University of Minnesota to finish my Masters degree and to complete my 1200 page manual of how to train a MMA and defensive firearm athlete.

I also hold certifications for strength and conditioning specialization, personal training, kettle bell instructing, olympic lifting, and heart rate variability analysis.

I have experience training youth, college, and professional athletes, martial artists, military, law enforcement, general population, and elderly clients with acute or chronic injuries, auto-immune diseases, heart problems, bone problems, and various movement dysfunctions.

My life passion is to design and implement specialized and individualized fitness programs at a great value that progress strategically over time to prevent injury and improve performance.