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Andrew Heaton (Head Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

I first became interested in strength and conditioning for health and performance in high school, where I discovered a passion for helping others in the high school weight room perform lifts correctly and get results.

While working on my Associates degree I got certified as a personal trainer and have been training general population clients since 2007. I decided I wanted to know more so I decided to start working on my bachelors degree and interned on the strength and conditioning staff at the University of Minnesota. I also worked at other private facilities while working on my bachelors training youth and professional athletes.

I then went on to get my Masters Degree which started at the University of North Dakota where I taught undergraduate courses in the topics of intro to kinesiology, intro to personal training, intro to conditioning, and intro to strength training. I also interned with the strength and conditioning staff assisting with the training of football and track. I came back to the University of Minnesota to finish my Masters degree and to complete my 1200 page manual of how to train a MMA and defensive firearm athlete.

I also hold certifications for strength and conditioning specialization, personal training, kettle bell instructing, olympic lifting, and heart rate variability analysis.

I have experience training youth, college, and professional athletes, martial artists, military, law enforcement, general population, and elderly clients with acute or chronic injuries, auto-immune diseases, heart problems, bone problems, and various movement dysfunctions.

My life passion is to design and implement specialized and individualized fitness programs at a great value that progress strategically over time to prevent injury and improve performance.


Scott Folke (Knife self-defense Head Instructor)

I began my martial art career in 1984 studying Tae Kwon Do. Over the years I also trained in Northern Shaolin Kungfu, where I earned the rank of Sifu in Wushu Kungfu. In 2004 I was introduced to Steve Fabro of Tactical Attribute Training and Mike O’Melia of Cornerstone Martial Arts. At this point I switched my focus from traditional martial arts training to combative systems.

The various instructor that I have trained under are Steve Fabro, Mike O’Melia, James Neidlinger, Paul Fendos, Bill Irwin, Thanh Lo  and Alex Avestruz. I’ve also had the privilege to study with Bill McGrath, Harley Elmore, and Dan Inosanto.

During my combative studies I have trained and focused on Jeet Kune Do concepts, Jun Fan kungfu, Kali (Inosanto, Cornerstone, Pekiti Tirsia, and Sayoc), Systema, Tactical Attribute Training and Silat. Kali is like saying “karate” meaning a broad term. 

I currently have a black belt in Taekwondo and Wushu Kungfu. I also have a 2nd degree red belt in Northern Shaolin. I have instructorships in Fast Defence, Bullet Man, and Tactical Attribute Training. I am a Guro Instructor under Mike O’Melia, owner of Cornerstone Martial Arts, Director of Pekiti Tirsia MN, and the instructor of the MN Sayoc Training Group.

My mission is to install a quick, simply response to any attack, counter, and then build from there. Our class motto is “just do something” because the other outcome doesn’t work. We start from simple responses and build from there covering the more complex. Participants will walk out of every class gaining useful skill sets applicable when their feet hit the street giving them confidence that their day and their family might be a little safer.


Zack Fabro (Scott Folke's Assistant Instructor)

I started studying martial arts when I was very young under the instruction of my father Steve Fabro. In 2004 I became seriously dedicated to studying combat systems. This resulted in developing strategies and concepts involved with empty hand, multiple threat, knife and impact weapon fighting.

I've studied underneath Steve Fabro, Scott Folke, Thanh Lo, Mike O'Melia, Alex Avestruz, Jeff Shuberg

I have martial art training in JKD, Kali, Pekiti-Tirsia, Panantukan, Penchak Silat, Boxing, Muay Thai, Russian Systema, Jiu-Jitsu and defensive firearm strategies. 

Martial Art Achievements: Full Instructor at Tactical Attribute Training. Received the 1st place gold medal in the Greater Midwest Submission Hunt. Fought in two Muay Thai kickboxing bouts.

My mission is to provide each student with a pressure tested holistic approach to personal defense that they can truly rely on. I will provide you with a diverse skill set to fit your lifestyle and prepare you to effectively respond to multiple threats and lethal force encounters. All without spending 20 years of your life trying to become good at something..