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The Benefits of Training at
Life Strength Fitness

  1. Get personalized training from a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist who will encourage you as you progress through the program

  2. Every workout in this proprietary system is designed specifically for you and your current ability

  3. From basic moves that build your foundation to advanced moves that transform your capabilities, these scientifically proven workouts are unlike what you find at other gyms

  4. Detailed instruction on how to do each exercise safely and effectively so you get the maximum benefit without getting hurt

  5. Your progress is measured every step of the way so we can celebrate your improvements

  6. The Life Strength Fitness program increases strength, power, joint mobility, and endurance

Who is the stronger for life program designed for?

  • Anyone who’s unmotivated by the same old gym routine and looking to be inspired

  • Those who want to improve endurance, muscle activation, joint mobility, power, and core strength to become fully fit and functional

  • People who want to measure their progress so they know the program works

  • Active business professionals, sedentary office workers, stay-at-home moms, or retirees looking to enjoy life free of chronic pain

what is a typical workout?

Every 60-minute workout includes:

  • A warm-up using body weight movements and kettlebells

  • Strategic full-body exercises and training methods to improve targeted health and physical abilities. These exercises and the weights you lift change over time as you progress through the program

  • Cool-down recovery movements to improve posture and eliminate any aches and pains

What can I expect when I first begin?

  • At each of the first few workouts you’ll learn 15 new exercises from our Phase 1 program until you are comfortable with the full routine

  • Once you’re comfortable with the exercises, you’ll launch into the official program and start tracking immediate results

  • You’ll be surrounded by a small group of encouraging members, each happy to support you as they progress through their own phase of the program at their own pace


Results you’ll see within the first few weeks:

  • Rapid increase in strength and muscular endurance

  • Your body will burn fat more efficiently

  • Boost in your aerobic fitness

  • Better posture and flexibility

  • More energy every day

What’s next after my first few workouts?

  1. Choose the membership that is right for you

    The Stronger for Life System has many programs providing you with years of training that will show you measurable progress and keep you from growing bored. All of our membership options will allow you to continue your program for as long as you’d like to continue improving your overall health and physical abilities.

2. When you come in next you’ll be completing your baseline testing, which will measure your Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Functional Movement. This is essential so we can design your program and individualize it to you.

If you want results fast then Train with Morpheus!

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Morpheus measures your Heart Rate Variability

This Unique technology is the key to knowing:

  • When you are recovered from previous training and ready for more

  • If your condition requires a change in the day’s planned workout

  • When you need a rest day to maximize recovery

  • Whether your overall workout program needs to be adjusted to give you even better results

  • If your body adapted properly to your last workout

When you train with morpheus at Life Strength Fitness you get:

  • Morpheus Watch which is compatible with all ANT+ straps

  • Mobile App: Compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

  • Daily Assessment of your HRV from a certified Trainer in HRV analysis, and workout adjustments based on your HRV measurements