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What is Life Strength Fitness?

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For 3.5 years Life Strength Fitness has been a one-of-a-kind gym where you train in a fun, supportive environment in small groups of up to 8 people. Current members consist of business professionals, stay at home moms, youth athletes, grandparents, even military and Law Enforcement.

You will always be training under the supervision of a certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist who will be giving you personalized feedback on your technique and make sure you are executing the program optimally.

Our Stronger for Life System is a compendium of individualized programs that contain full body resistance training and conditioning programs that will develop every physical quality your body is capable of making you the strongest, most aerobically fit, and healthiest you've ever been. The Stronger for Life System is very helpful for those looking to get stronger and faster, improve their conditioning, move better, reduce injury risk, and lose weight. You’ll get to experience program design principles, training methods, and exercises that you've never done before to keep workouts exciting and continue your improvement.

Every workout is always specific to you and your ability level.

Everything we do is measured so you can quantify your progress which will motivate you to get started on the next program.

There is no prerequisite training necessary to get started. Try our initial program for a week and experience the results.

Incredible Value


Personalized training for less! Stop paying for a gym membership along with each and every personal training session. Life Strength Fitness offers it all for one low monthly cost. You get elite personal training at group fitness prices.

Come in for personalized training 2-4 times per week for only $135-$190 per month, saving you hundreds of dollars compared to other gyms. Plus you train in a supportive, semi-private environment that quickly feels like family.

Life Strength Fitness membership includes baseline performance testing, a functional movement assessment, and individualized program design. You also get Pre and Post-Testing as you progress through your training programs, so you can measure how much you've improved, which ensures maximum results and ongoing motivation

personalized Training Designed for you


Your unique Life Strength Fitness program starts with an in-depth analysis of how each joint of your body moves. This is important to do for someone who is getting into a structured fitness program so that you identify weak points in your body structure and fix their tension so that these points don’t become injuries down the road.

You will receive individualized strengthening and stretching regimens to improve your weak points so that you don’t have to worry about getting injured and then have to deal with the mental and physical setbacks to your personal progress. aches and pains, and protect you from future injury.

Progress even when you travel


Your membership gives you much more than gym access. You get personalized exercises and stretches. You get continued measurement and testing. Plus, Life Strength Fitness provides you your program digitally which has an instructional video linked to every exercise so you always know how to execute every exercise safely and effectively. On days you can’t make it to Life Strength Fitness, use these videos as you train from home, at your local gym, or at the hotel gym while you travel. These videos show you the warm up and program exercises, plus exercises for functional stretching, functional strength, and much more. 

proven Results

Level 1, Phase 1 Results

Percent Improvement from Phase 1 Start to Finish

Remember your progress is regularly measured with performance and movement quality tests. Each phase of the program focuses on 2-3 adaptations or physical improvements. Each phase lasts 2-6 months, depending on how often you train.

The first training phase focuses on improving your muscular endurance and takes your body through all 3 planes of movement. You’ll also see improvement in your fat burning threshold, also known as the aerobic threshold. The customized corrective exercises and stretches will improve how well you move and make you stronger. These adaptations in Phase 1 are essential for faster recovery and learning correct movement techniques to set the tone for getting results in future phases. The graph here shows the average improvement achieved by recent members in a variety of exercises measured at the beginning and end of Phase 1.

Later training phases focus on strength, power, and the other building blocks of functional fitness. With every phase you achieve measurable improvements. And wen you begin training, you will be able to access your performance online to see your progress at any time.

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Get Greater Results Faster!

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Heart Rate Variability (HRV) tracking technology was invented by the Russians in the 1960’s to train Olympic athletes, and is the secret of today’s elite athletic training. Your HRV tells you:

  • When you are recovered from previous training and ready for more

  • If your condition requires a change in the day’s planned workout

  • When you need a rest day to maximize recovery

  • Whether your overall workout program need to be adjusted to give you even better results

  • If your body has adapted to the program and it’s time to push harder or make a change

When you participate in the BioForce HRV Package at Life Strength Fitness you get:

  • Heart Rate Variability recovery band and sensor

  • Mobile App: Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and all Android devices.

  • Daily Assessment of your HRV from a certified Trainer, and workout adjustments based on your HRV measurements

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